Thalia Joyner | FdSc Dip Counsellor

Thalia Joyner | FdSc Dip Counsellor | Recover. Regain Strength, Return to being you

Non-judgemental Space

We all have our own unique story and experiences which at times we can find difficult for vast and varying reasons.

Counselling provides a unique, non-judgemental space to be able to explore anything that you are finding difficult within a safe, ethical and supportive environment. Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore what you need to in a confidential supportive space, allowing you the time to explore and resolve personal, emotional and practical problems.

My approach

My approach in counselling is to understand your individual experiences from your point of view and how you experience the world. Being open and genuine with you I see as a vital part of the therapeutic process in helping you feel accepted and in turn gain a better understanding of your own feelings and thoughts, helping to reconnect with your inner values and self-worth.